Leslie Rudd Investment Company (LRIco) is a private investment holding company with diverse holdings including multiple operating companies in a variety of industries, real estate, marketable securities and other investments.  Our headquarters is in Wichita, Kansas, with a satellite office Aspen, Colorado. 
For more than thirty years, the Company has invested in, managed, and provided strategic oversight for various businesses with a focus on building long-term sustainable value. 
LRIco seeks to build the long-term value of its investment portfolio by combining value-added industry, management and financial expertise, with the prudent deployment of risk capital.  We believe that real, long-term value creation is built around three main factors:
  1. Industry and operating focus
  2. Superior knowledge and information
  3. Excellence in execution

Portfolio of Operating Companies:

Standard Beverage Corporation logo
Vintage Wine Estates logo Rudd Winery logo Press Restaurant logo
Oakville Grocery logo Cities West Publishing logo Covenant Wines logo
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Distillery 209 logo Edge Hill Winery logo